How to Tell If You Are Being Bullied

  • They might be mean by saying mean words or hurting you.
  • If someone is physically bullying you, they may be cornering you.
  • Someone that used to be your friend but suddenly became mean.
  • People might notice you left something behind and take it and ruin it.
  • Someone might say things like you are not good enough.
  • People might insult or criticize you.

What It Feels Like to Be Bullied

  • Your feelings are hurt.
  • It makes you sad.
  • It makes you think you are alone.
  • It hurts your body.
  • It makes you scared.
  • It makes your stomach hurt.

How to Stop Bullying

  • If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them.
  • Tell someone that you trust.
  • Tell people about bullying.
  • Ignore them, but if they say sorry, listen.
  • Stand up to the bully and get friends to help.